Monday, February 23, 2009

Jersey Update

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you an update on the jerseys. They will be ready Friday. I will pick them up and bring them to the ballpark Saturday. As a reminder, they are 40 cents a letter.

Thanks and I will see you all Thursday.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictures / Opening Day Schedule

Hello All,

Below is the photo schedule for the 21st. We're first up to bat at 8:30 am. Let's try to get there a few minutes early so we don't hold up the works. I'll be there at 8:15. Also, in case you did not get it before, I have attached the photo order form. You will need to fill that out and bring it with you Saturday.

See you tomorrow,

Winter Springs Babe Ruth Pictures 2009


Pictures have been scheduled for February 21st. Please have your child arrive at designated time with their order form completed with exact change, check or credit card. Bishop Photo does not provide change at the shoot. Checks made payable to Bishop Photo.


8:30 Tball Yankees Coach Rudolph
8:30 Tball Mets Coach Ramierz
8:30 Tball Rays Coach Mason
8:30 Tball Phillies Coach Walton
8:45 Tball Rangers Coach Hicks
8:45 Tball Marlins Coach Sanchez
8:45 U10 Riptide Softball

...lots of teams... 
10:30 U6 Queen Bees Softball
10:30 U8 Rainmakers Softball
10:30 U10 Crushers Softball
10:30 U6 Red Hots Softball
10:45 Staging of teams
11:00 to 12:00 Opening Ceremonies

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Opening Day information (this Saturday)

Opening day

Spring 2009 Opening Day, this Saturday, 2/21! We will have a fun, fair-style atmosphere, with 25 vendor booths, between 8 AM and 8 PM. There will be something fun for every member of the family!

The Opening Day Ceremony will be between 11 AM and Noon at Central Winds Park . All the teams will line-up on Juniors Field #4 at the first base line for the Ceremony. Please have your child wear their league uniform. Tball will be dismissed right after they have been introduced.

We will be conducting team and individual photo sessions prior to, and after, the Ceremony. I will advise you of your scheduled time when I receive the schedule.

Attached is the photo order forms that you can preview and forward the forms to your parents. These forms will also be available at the picture booths.

Jersey ordering information

Please see below email from the league regarding Volunteering and pricing on jersey names.  Please have your jersey name orders ready by Thursday.

Thank you,


Managers below is the pricing for names on jeresy and or hats. If your team is interested I can collect them all this Sunday 2/22/09 at 1:00 @ Sunshine Park front parking lot and try to have them all back by Friday 2/27/09. Please let your parents know the pricing and to have them write a check to myself Wanda Copley, in return I will write one check to Cathie for all the uniforms for all the teams. I think it will be a lot easier than handing her tons of checks.

I will NOT need the cash or payment on Sunday but I will need it by Friday 02/27/09. In which I will meet everyone again to pickup your printed uniforms @ 5:30pm on Friday 2/27/09.

hat is 3.75 and .40 cents a letter for you child's name on the shirt (tax included)

Example: Johnny #17 = $3.75 = (6)x.40=$2.40 total $6.15.

Volunteer Hours

Team opportunities/Volunteer hours:

I just want to go over a couple of housekeeping items. As with any organization similar to Winter Springs Babe Ruth, the league's success rests heavily on the level of volunteerism we receive from parents throughout the season. At the time of registration, parents were given the opportunity to volunteer for 4 hours during the season or "bond out" by paying an additional $40. The league does this in an effort to keep costs down avoid increased registration fees needed to pay for maintaining equipment to keep the players safe, uniforms, balls, umpires, etc. In the past, many folks have submitted a Volunteer Form expressing their interest in volunteering for 4 hours, avoiding the extra fee, only to go through the season without being contacted to help out with various activities needing volunteers.

This year, the league is taking a different approach. The league has assigned the responsibility of identifying volunteers on a weekly basis to help run the concession stand. Jenny Klick is the VP of Volunteers and has been provided all of the Volunteer Forms and will be assigning each team with concession stand responsibilities for weekends throughout the season. Those of you that submitted this form can expect a phone call from here asking for your commitment during the weekends assigned to our team.

Managers if you haven't designated any of the following you may copy and past the following paragraph to help recruit these positions.

A team scorekeeper, a team Mom or Dad and assistant coaches. let me know if you would be interested in any of the positions mentioned above. The team Mom/Dad will have responsibilities that are credited as volunteer hours which include, but are not limited to: organizing and distributing the famous snack schedule for the season; organizing the end of season party to include confirming a location, planning the menu, collecting contributions from the team parents, identifying and ordering player trophies, etc. This position will take someone who is detail oriented and enjoys planning parties. If there are any parents interested in taking on this role, please let me know. In the event I receive multiple parents expressing interest, I'll assign the first parent that responds.

Managers please also let your parents know the following in which you may also copy and paste to them:

If you are not interested in these opportunities, volunteering at the park or being the Team Mom/Dad, there is still one more option. The league is open to receiving the $40 originally waived when you submitted the Volunteer Form. If you are interested in "bonding out" you can bring your check to practice this week payable to Winter Springs Youth Sports.

Housekeeping Update...

Practice Time

The league has a typo in their original practice schedule (don't you love it?).  Our Practice time has been changed to 4:00-5:00.  After Daylight savings (March 7th), our time will be bumped back to 5:00-6:00.

Opening Day:

This Saturday, the 21st is opening day at Central Winds park.  The ceremony begins at 11:00, but we will be having team and individual pictures before then.  I am currently unclear on what time they want us there. I have an email out to the league administrator to clear that up and I will hopefully have that time for you by our Thursday practice.  I will email it to you as well.  I am hoping to have picture order forms for you by Thursday as well, but I think they will also be at the park Saturday.  There will be fair style games and vendors there from 8am to 8pm that day, so it should be a good time.  There are no games that day.  The T-ballers will go first in the ceremony and will be ok to disperse afterwards.  Please be sure your ball players are dressed in full uniforms that day.


I will bring the Uniforms to practice Thursday.  For anyone who needs the information:  the pants are grey, the shirts, hats, and socks are navy blue.  After you pick up the uniforms you may want to buy an extra pair of socks.

Team Dad

Chuck Malani ( has been kind enough to volunteer to handle all the team mom/dad duties and will be providing water at all the practices and drinks and snacks for the ball games.  Chuck is going to go ahead and buy all this stuff.  It works out to be about $12 per player for the season. Please try to bring that to Chuck Thursday to reimburse him.  Please let me or Chuck know of any food allergies your child may have since there will be snacks at the games. 

New player:

We are happy to welcome Andrew Timmons onto the team.  His parents are Joe and Tamara Timmons. Revised rosters will be available upon request.